Keeping open and responsible communications

Communications with our staff, our clients and our supply chain form an important component of our ethical practices.

We endeavour to achieve clarity in all forms of written and verbal communication to clients, suppliers and colleagues ensuring honesty, accuracy and co-operation.

Good dialogue between management staff and our site-based colleagues is conveyed by means of our project management system software shared using computer tablets issued to our site-based management staff.

Daily toolbox talks conducted by site management communicate project operational and applicable safety information to site-based staff.

Latest updates on company and health & safety related information is distributed to all Hague staff by means of regular newsletter issued by our Safety, Health & Environmental Manager.

Health and safety related issues are discussed at regular meetings of Hague’s Safety Committee which is made up of Hague staff at Director, office management, site management and site operative level.

Our general dealings with our clients and suppliers are conducted in an “open book” manner.