Principal Contractor Role

Our customers have increasingly endorsed their confidence in our integrity, performance and professionalism by asking us to act as Principal Contractor, often coupled with the role of Principal Designer both as defined under the CDM Regulations.

As Principal Contractor, we organise and control the construction phase of a project involving more than one contractor. This includes the arrangement for managing health and safety throughout the construction phase with consultation and engagement with workers about their health, safety and welfare.

Our appointment by our client as Principal Contractor can often be extended to undertake another important role under the CDM Regulations, namely as Principal Designer.

The Principal Designer’s role is to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase of a project to co-ordinate health and safety during which design or preparatory work is carried out for a project and this generally continues into the construction phase.

This responsibility is overseen by Hague’s in-house Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Director and Manager.

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