Civil Engineering and Remediation

Hague covers all aspects of civil engineering, groundworks and in-situ concrete construction as well as site remediation.

A wide range of both major and minor contracts are carried out for client end-users, main contractors, public authorities and also industrial, commercial and residential developers.

Our range of services includes the following;

  • enabling works e.g. site clearance
  • infrastructure works e.g. roads, drainage, utilities
  • surface water attenuation and controlled discharge systems
  • earthworks modelling and retention
  • public space/parkland creation incorporating water retaining structures and landscaping
  • expansive heavy-duty tarmac and concrete areas e.g. port container storage and vehicle/haulier parks
  • demolition and asbestos removal

Hague have a wide experience of a range of remediation and ground improvement techniques including soil treatment, bioremediation and ground stabilisation e.g. Bentonite matting and engineered capping.

With development/construction sites becoming increasingly brownfield, contaminated land or land reclamation our ability and experience of dealing with prevention of pollution entering the natural environment s more and more in demand.

We have an extensive portfolio of restoring contaminated land in both urban and rural locations in order that it may be re-used for development purposes such as housing.

We have also mitigated environmental risks on a portfolio of projects where we have minimised or eliminated off-site disposal of material and thereby maximised re-use of on-site material into our works under the control of a Materials Management Plan and subsequent Validation Report to enable sign off/Planning Condition discharge.

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