Water Vole Migration


Water Vole Migration
The Port of Tilbury

The Port of Tilbury instructed Hague Construction to undertake the Water Vole Migration works within the ports as part of their enabling works in advance of the new Tilbury 2 terminal.

Hague Construction engaged an environmental consultant to carry out a number of field tests on the greenfield site to ensure the ecological requirements were met.

The works entailed stripping the sites topsoil and retaining it onsite to enable the material to be reused in the works. Following the removal of the topsoil 2.5km (24,000m3) of V-Ditching was excavated out to various design levels.

High density top soiling and planting of the ditches with wetland plug plants was undertaken in an extremely tight time frame to enable establishment prior to the water vole being introduced into their newly formed habitat.

  • Main contractor: Hague Construction
  • Client: The Port of Tilbury

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