New Hangars & Control Tower


New Hangars & Control Tower

Hague Construction were employed to complete the groundworks and civil engineering elements for the redevelopment of Rochester Airport

The redevelopment included the construction of a new Hub building, including control tower, new aircraft storage hangar, helicopter pads and a purpose built hangar for the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS) where they continue their restoration of historic aircraft.

All of the buildings had piled reinforced foundations and the 2 hangars had high tolerance floor slabs formed.

Drainage works included a 500,000l attenuation tank, 2 petrol interceptors and both foul water and storm water pumping chambers.

A new ‘Bodpave’ road along with two reinforced concrete helipads were installed ‘Airside’ of the development.

New gas, electric and water services were brought to site from the main entrance.

The project was completed with new carparking areas  for  the Hub and MAPS buildings.


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