Hague Construction were engaged to build the riverside phase of a Sustrans funded initiative to extend a dedicated cycle-way through the town and surrounding areas.

The project involved the re-alignment, widening and upgrading of an existing riverside path including the installation of a new 14m span pedestrian footbridge across the River Dour supported on new in-situ reinforced concrete abutments and CFA piles.

Gabion wall and mattress retaining structures were constructed between the cycle path and the river paying particular attention to allow the watercourse to remain flowing uninhibited and to protect the waterborne ecology within the river.

Hague Construction met this challenge by installing temporary straw filter banks and permanent coir rolls along the embankment.

It was also necessary to maintain pedestrian security and access to both the College and the town centre throughout the duration of the works.

  • Main contractor: Ringway Jacobs
  • Client: Kent County Council and Sustrans
  • Type of work: Civil Engineering

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