Hadlow Stair Bridge Culvert


Hadlow Stair Bridge Culvert
Hadlow, Kent

Hague Construction were employed by AMEY, working on behalf of Kent County Council, to complete the strengthening works of Hadlow Stair Bridge Culvert.

Initial site investigation works were completed by Hague Construction, in order to determine the ground conditions. This would allow a suitable earthwork support system to be designed for the project.

The works entailed the removal of existing carriageway, excavation to both sides of the existing box culvert, installation of new reinforced concrete foundations & cover slab and finally the reprofiling of the roadway with new kerb lines and surfacing installed. The works were carried out all whilst keeping a live pedestrian walkway open.

During the excavation works, unknown services were encountered along with sections of the previous brick culvert .

Hague Construction worked with the designers. The aim was to find the best solution in order to deal with the obstructions. Taking into account that we would need to complete works within the original programme duration.


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