Caring Wood


Caring Wood

Hague Construction were appointed as Principal Contractor for the groundwork and concrete frame package to construct a Code 6 private residence.

Our initial task was to improve logistical access to the site and construct a mile long access road including the installation of incoming services.

On completion of the access road, a 30,000m3 on site muck shift was undertaken with site won ragstone being separated for re-use in designated landscaped areas.

The main building was a complex reinforced concrete foundation, basement and superstructure package incorporating an external swimming pool, all constructed on a hill side providing numerous logistical challenges. The works required 2,000mof concrete and 220 tonnes of reinforcement to be installed using 5,000mof wall and soffit formwork

Drainage works Incorporated an 1,800m2 lined pond, fed by the surface water drainage system and a bespoke rainwater harvesting system.

The incoming services and utilities works for the residence were completed by Hague Construction. These services were installed across the development running to and from sub-stations, photovoltaic solar array and irrigation networks feeding the estate.

  • Main contractor: Hague Construction
  • Client: Private Client
  • Type of work: Groundworks and Concrete frames

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